A unique Painting

Requires no drawing or tracing.

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Welcome! My name is Meenaksi Devi and here you can get more information on me and my art. This site includes my portfolio and a brief introduction to my Art technique. As a feelance artist I am always looking to be part of a new and exciting project.


I provide creative, reliable, and timely service with professionalism and care. Please take a look around to see examples of distinctive style and let me know if you are interested in hiring me or purchasing my work


Thanks for coming, enjoy your visit !

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Training conducted at Meenaakshi's House..
Exhibition Conducted at Secunderabad.
Meenaakshi Devi in News.
Paintings displayed on canvas, frames and glassware.
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beautiful flowers and leaves of sunflower on the glassdoor
Mugs, Candle, Dishes, IVY and Baking Bowls, Dining & Gift articles.
View Project - New!
Glass,Wood, Terra cotta, ceramic, acrylic and canvas paintings.

Painting Areas